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By irv
Been forever since I've caught anything noteworthy in the surf. Mostly margates and other turd fish... until today.

The girls weren't feeling it, but my 2 year old son was all amp'd to go with his old man.

Grabbed some live fleas at Black Dog and then drove to Spessard Holland down in Melbourne Beach. Lines in the water around 10:30, def later than desired but low tide was around 9:30 so I was fine with an active incoming tide.
Didn't have any action for an hour or so, and I was mostly concentrating on building big sand castles that my boy could crush, until my rod got slammed by the first pomp. Phew! Some action finally.
We stayed until after 3pm and caught 3 more pomps (one undersized) and 1 nice-sized whiting.

When I think about it, that's actually a pretty slow day of fishing. 5 fish in 5 hours... but anyway... it was a nice time with my son and I'm pretty excited for some pomp tacooooooos!!!
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